Basement Windows - Vinyl Replacement Windows

Lighten Up Your Basement With New Windows
If you would like to add some life to your basement, then installing vinyl windows in the space will do just that. They also help reduce stale air usually associated with basements by allowing more sunlight into the room. When it comes to styles, you will find that there are many different configurations available to accomodate basement areas. If you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island and would like more information on choosing basement windows, you should continue reading this section and then Request An Estimate to have one of your specialist contact you and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs in person.

Vinyl Basement Windows
Replacement Windows For Basements

Choosing The Best Basement Windows

Basements have always been known for having a slight odor and for being dark or gloomy. This is not how yours has to be. In a lot of cases, sunlight is all that's needed to make the space seem more livable with reduced odors which usually come from the growth of mold and mildew which love dark places.

Now you need to know how to choose the right window for the job. Well, that is actually simple. Basement windows are the same as any other window, there's just less wall space to accomodate standard sizes like you generally see throughout your home.

This means you can use a slider, double hung, hopper, awning or whatever style you like as long as it fits in the space. The only other thing you really need to consider is the distance from the bottom of the window to the ground outside. If the bottom will be very close to the ground, a sliding or double hung style is more ideal. This is because awning and other similar styles open to the outside meaning fallen debris could prevent them from opening.

Double Hung Basement Windows

Energy Efficient and Low Maintenance Windows

The efficency ratings should always be evaluated before selecting a window. Most home owners don't spend much time in their basements so the ability to maintain a constant temperature will make a difference on energy consumption, meaning the windows could either save or cost you money depending on efficiency.

To take care of this issue, we recommend using a good triple pane window. This will ensure your basement stays at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is like outside.

So if you like the idea of having efficient basement windows that improve the quality of living, then installing vinyl windows will make that a reality. Now that you know which style of windows work best for basements, all you have to do to obtain our services is visit our Request Free Window Estimate page and complete the online form. One of our window experts will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment.